Friday, April 16, 2010

Once In A Bluemoon, I'll Blog


You see here's the thing. I don't really blog. So if i did blog (which i did), y'all better view it cos it's PRECIOUS!

Exams are over. I sucked at exams. Conclusion, exams sucks. There's a HUGE difference between the top 2 students and me. Seriously, they're nuts. No offence meant. =P

Sodium + water = not only explosions, but a reeeaaallllyyyy FUN time. Proven today during chemistry. We even sang a birthday song after one of the explosions to the birthday girl, Jia Qian. Ahahaha.

Football section*
To all Tottenham fans, i'm sorry to say this, but y'all suck. Damn. FYI, they beat my fav team - Arsenal. To be honest, i support Man City now in the race for fourth place. Muahahaha!

Oooopps! Sorry girls. You must've been wondering WHAT THE HECK is Clement talking about.
hahaha. Don't care about it. Continue playing with your Barbie Dolls la har. Wakakakaka!
Joking only joking only. Don take it so seriously la please.

Jokes aside. There's this Form 5 guy who kicked my legs not once, but TWICE during PJ yesterday. Walao Eh! Mmm song ady.

Astro's been cancelled. I am so bored. I'll die of boredness soon. Haha.

As I'm a prefect on probation, i have to set a good example. So, i went to have a haircut and..... OMG! My hair's freaking short wey... T.T not handsome ady. D= Lol. Perasannya!

Wokay, time's up for this time. Please leave lots of comments if possible. =D

I'm not really a blogger so.... ya, if there's any grammatical errors, just ignore it. =P
If I've caused any offence to anybody, I'm reeeaalllly sorry.

Okay, don't worry be happy! See you guys soon! (soon = maybe more then a year) =DD

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

hey guys! din blog for a loooong time. today i feel like blogging so i blog! kinda weird... 2009 is a BRAND NEW YEAR!! should enjoy every bit of it although it's impossible... well skul's gonna start. some are delighted some are deppressed bout it. i'm stuck in the middle of it. ><

right now, i dunno wat to watch on tv. u see football - Arsenal is... (i dunno wat to say) Formula one- coming back only at march. that's it.... but AXN is always there. plus i dun have HBO so that sucks.

having skul in the morning r.... bad. u have to wake up so damn early! come on.... u see i sleep a lot n that makes me FAT! but fat is better than those ppl who have nth to eat n r so skinny...

i've learned a lesson. bitten by sand flies from the beach are horrible. it doesn't feel like anything at 1st. the next day, the terrible itchiness starts to haunt you... i feel like scrapping my skin off.
well no matter how u scratch, it's still there!

my next movie target will b 'yes man'. jim carrey stars in it.... the trailer is super nice!

i've nth to say dy. sorry! We'll meet next time.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


very sien ar! everyday sitting at home.
the best thing to do is to sms & to play PET SOCIETY!! XD thx kar yee for teaching me how to play. lol.

seriously, pet society is cute. my pet's name? - 'i'm sexy'
that's its name!! see ya pet society lovers! XD

went to my grandma's b'day party ytd. sounds kinda weird huh?
so old still got b'day party de meh? XD
anyway, it was so boring!! oh come on.... except for d 20bucks she gave me, nothing else was fun!! XD lol
here's me in the car, looking so damn bored.

i can't b liv it! btw, i din pierce my ear k?
it's magnetic de. dun b so childish!! XDD
can u imagine clement phang piercing his ear? his dad will pull his ear off!
b4 we reach the restaurant, we went to a spectacle shop to collect my mum's specs.
as u can guess, i asked my father to but one for me,
and the answer was NO. WHY??

XD i tried a few specs there. n even took a few pictures. here's them.

thisis the white one. i simply fell in love in this spec. it roxx! XD (although i looked quite fat in this pic, rite? ) lol. Next!

kays... this is the red one... quite cool too! mebbe to me only lah.... yar, the woman in the photo is my mum! come on! u should have guessed it earlier lah! XDD.
i wanna change specs! hopefully i'll break my specs the next time i go 4 sports...
dun tell my mum, she's gonna force me to make a mickey mouse specs! i'll kinda look like mickey mouse then, somehow i think that donald duck's way much COOLER!
ya know, his voice, is like a jerk! XD
so, what do you think? the white? or da red? or the mickey mouse?
i wanna thank mern jo!!
why? she sent me my 2 favourite songs! i dun have to download it!! Muaxx..... wakakakaka
dao xiang...... & gei wo yi shou ge de shi jian......
its jay chou ( in case u suckers who dunno) XD jokin!
kays enuf....
hope u guys aren't bored viewing my blog. :D i know the photos aren't nice, just
STOP LAUGHING!! thx 4 ur cooperation! XD

Sunday, November 16, 2008

carrefour sucks!

hi y'all! erm i just wanna tell u a lil bit of what we did in carrefour ( we didn't really did anthing there!) of all, the arcade center was the most fun! lols. Daytona rocks! even though i kept losing to arthur. damn it!

wanted to post some pics but dunno how. haizz..... i suck in computer things. seriously, i used quite a lot of money in the arcade center. to those who do not know what's an arcade center, u mayknow it in cantonese. its called the 'ting ting cheong'. get it?

things weren't quite well for me as some of u know my sad relationship. wahahaha. anyway, i understood the fact that frens are more precious! one more thing, don't go to carrefour! it sucks!!
sorry to carrefour's workers......

hols are boring! come on, SOMEBODY! pop out and arrange a movie please!! lols......
i'll b hoping to go out soon. hopefully wif leng luis and leng zais. no offend ya....
to my primary skul frens who have viewed my blog, pls don't call me to link or add you or sth like that. I AM A COMPUTER NOOB!! not to say it, but....... i'm still learning though.

i've been suffering for a week at home now. i wanna see james bond!! not to say i'm gay, somebody else is! erm... i think u should know!!

yeah, if somebody have da time, pls teach me how to post photos into my blog. once again, a beeg THANK YOU for viewing my stupid blog.wakakakaka

Friday, November 14, 2008


hey everyone!! i cant b live that holidays are boring. it should b interesting!!
next, thx to those who provided me wif all da photos!! thank you. i have two important things to do now, watch quantum of solace and watch madagascar 2.

seriously, i miss y'all!! good to hear that huh?
lols. i hope i'll b able to go 4 holiday soon. U know, enjoy the beach etc etc.
one more thing, carrefour sucks!! don't ever go there. u will regret ur whole life! coudnt even buy an ice cream there. lols! i promise never to go to carrefour again! I AM SERIOUS!

i will b trying to edit some photos in my blog soon. mebbe until i find out how to. haha!
to you guys who dont listen to songs, u must try this song 'CHAIN HANG LOW'.
seriously, its damn nice! my hair is quite long now, i cant decide whether i like it or not.
so confused lah......

i wanna thank someone, miss yap!! she teached me how to download movie leh...
well, my computer coudnt really do so but i'll try.....

Boring hols.....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sad moments

First of all, i'm single again. ATTENTION to all hotties.
wakakaka. i cant get over it lah...... i love her too much lu...... nvm nvm. Thx to everyone that has comforted me. Especially miss.Yap ( u know who u r rite?). wakakaka. thank you thank you! erm.... Monday was the last day i'll b in smk sri sentosa. i feel kinda...... Too many mixed feelings.
one more thing, da photos that u guys (n gals) have taken wif me, I WANT IT!!
pls send to me k? thx
SMS roxx..
but it costs,
a lot!
see it rhymes. wakakaka. well a lot of things are going on.
who like who, who hate who.
i dowan to b involve in this kinda thing. pls dont include me k?
i know my blog sucks, sorry y'all.......
that's all 4 this time! send me the photos pls. I BEG YOU!!
i ma miss all my frens de!!!!!!